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If you need the best Toyota® Tundra retractable tonneau cover, the Mountain Top EVO-M is what you need! This bed cover is the best solution to add durable protection and convenient utility to your truck bed. The canister that the aluminum top rolls into is designed to be as small as possible in order to optimize the amount of space in the bed of your truck. Accessory tracks with a built in water management system allow this retractable tonneau cover to keep water out of the pickup truck bed. Add tons of utility while keeping your gear safe. Perfect for work or outdoor lifestyle activities like fishing, camping, and mountain biking.

  • Featuring the smallest retractable cover canister on the market at just 8.28 inches in height by 9.93 inches in width, providing additional space under the cover.
  • Over-450 pound weight capacity on top of the tonneau cover allowing you to place gear and other items on top.
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum slats provide cut proof security and durable protection.
  • Six point drainage system that can drain up to 10 gallons of water/minute.
  • Sleek top of bed infinity rail design for increased truck bed storage space under the cover and a simple and clean look.
  • Easy installation that can be taken care of by a home mechanic or one of our authorized installers.
  • Available for the Toyota Tundra 5.5' short bed.

5.5' Bed Part #: EVOmTO15FB01